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Cover Versions

Sister George

Uncompromising queercore band (there’s some other kind?) Sister George did a bastardised cover of Glad To Be Gay – retitled 100 x No – on their 1993 album Drag King [Catcall PUSS003LP].

Download Sister George – 100 x No MP3


Feisty Finnish folksters Eläkeläiset did a version of Glad to Be Gay on their 2008 album Humppa United [Stupido HUMPPA040/TWINCD098].

Sung in Finnish, the title’s Äkäinen Eläkeläinen. As this translates as ‘cantankerous pensioner’, I’m guessing that the lyrics aren’t a faithful translation of Tom’s original. You can buy the album from here.

Download Eläkeläiset – Äkäinen Eläkeläinen MP3


Swedish band WeHaveLove recorded an eerie electronic pop version in honour of Tom’s 60th birthday, June 2010.

Download WeHaveLove – Glad To Be Gay MP3


Hiphop artist Badbelly recast the song under the title Must Be The Truth (Sing If You’re Proud). His seething downtempo version proves that, with a few small tweaks, the lyrics of Glad To Be Gay are as relevant today as they’ve ever been.

Download Must Be The Truth (Sing If You’re Proud) MP3

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